Creditor Management

Stay on top of your supplier accounts and ensure your bills are paid on time with the help of Newlands Accounting. From reconciling creditor statements to processing payments, we can aid with the efficient management of suppliers.

We ensure that our clients’ record keeping is in line with ATO requirements. This can be through traditional paper or cloud-based systems such as Receipt Bank, which also integrate with cloud-based bookkeeping systems such as Xero, to reduce the time spent on data entry. We also check supplier ABN details to ensure correct GST treatment and payment.

We can also complete a supplier audit, of which would include reviewing pricing and terms to ensure the best financial outcome for you.

Effective creditor management will help to:

  • Ensure consistent cash flow.
  • Retain goodwill with long-term suppliers by ensuring they are paid to agreed terms.
  • Secure financial stability for further growth.
  • Reduce the need for external funding such as overdrafts and loans.
  • Improve your ability to forecast accurately to assist with informed decision making.

Our Services: